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    what can we really say about our boy manny that hasn't already been said by far happier & certainly sexier peeps? that's the generic opening meant to prepare you for what is to follow, for if there's one thing the culture's about, it's reiteration and bloviation. so stand back because we can step up and serve it like the rest. as one who's broken bread with/sparred with/advised/antagonized/traveled alongside/slept on the ratty couch of/known the fellow for quite some time, we'll only say that we're impressed. we grapple with contradictions and mire ourselves in the details; he lives his life and kicks ass. we root around in detritus pursuing the understanding that's always one step beyond; he lives his life and kicks ass. we sit  writing code for a file your run-of-the-mill 8 year-old could best in a matter of minutes; he's living his life and kicking ass. that's the nature of the beast, the story behind the story, the end of our lesson on how to set upon the writing of a short bit about someone and still make it all about yourself. yeah so he runs and jumps, preaches and teaches, studies and succeeds, coaches teams to championships and still finds the time to satisfy the ladies. so what. but can he define bloviating? yeah so maybe he can. and do you care to know why? because in his spare time he also likes to read the dictionary.

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