Statement on Attacks in USA

By Praska Anarchist Group

Innocent people never deserve to die for their country or because of their country.

Yet, now the realities of airstrikes and mass destruction has returned to the US. Newscasters, politicians and other shapers of public opinion all chorus that none of them have ever seen such things, yet many people around the world have this kind of devastation in recent memory and in fact have suffered on a far deeper and greater level. This is the one thing that has to be remembered above all in this situation, that airstrikes and murder are nothing new and that although all the victims before these have been dehumanized in the US media, people around the world have been suffering, often at the hands of the US military, for many years.

We are quite sad that civilians are killed in incidents like this. We have been sad for years. We've been mourning Chechens and Palestinians massacred for resisting or just for existing, we've been mourning the victims of wars around the world, of repression and political displacement.

The so-called terrorists, they surely must feel that they, their people or compatriots have been victimized by the US, and it's probably true. They probably have no hope at all that the US military will stop doing this, in particular since it arrogantly and inhumanely refuses to address many complaints about the plight of the Palestinians and the US role in supporting their suffering. And for these policy choices, who knows how many innocent american (and probably other) people have just lost their lives, victims to US foreign policy. (Perhaps also victims to a religious-fanatic reaction against globalization.) The State will be calling for terrorist blood, but it will continue to enact its murderous and socially irresponsible policies without accepting moral responsibility for their reprecussions.

The State acts with or without the consent of the people but it cannot exist and act in such ways without the active consent of the people or without their passive apathy. The American populace to a large extent shares responsibility for the deaths of their compatriots, as they share responsibility for all deaths carried out by or in the interests of the US military. The americans en-masse have given up their citizenship in the real
sense of the word; they act unconcerned about even the most alarming of political events, except when it hits them at home. Then they act indignant when the actions of their State has unwanted reprecussions. But this is not civic responsibility, this is not global citizenship. Such a thing only starts to happen when people think about the consequences of the State's actions as they would think about the consequence of their own. That is, something real, something lived, something that has its consequences and
something that each person should take responsibility for.

We call on anarchists around the world to use this opportunity to step up the attack on the State, the institution of representative power and on all military agression carried out in State or religious interests. People must be made aware that by choosing a life of civic passivity instead of self-government, they are letting their lives be run by uncountable murderers who bring all sorts of disaster upon ordinary people. In order to
stop the killings, we have to stop the government and the wars made of people deemed inferior by the powers of the world. We must also fight against the reactionary jihad and all forms of resistance which threaten to deliver equally murderous fates to their opposition.

The question in the end is a very simple one: how many people have to die before people act decisively to take power away from the murderers? And how many people have to die before the americans realise that they are people not at all different than they? Now the americans may feel pain that they are losing "some of their own", but as human beings, being been losing too many of our own for too many senseless reasons for years.