What is Food Not Bombs?
Food Not Bombs was founded in the early eighties as an outgrowth of the anti-nuclear movement. It is based on the notion that if resources were not misallocated on weapons of war and on perpetuating the existing system of individual greed, there would be plenty to meet everyone's basic needs for food, housing, and health care. Food Not Bombs chapters around the country and the world collect wholesome, fresh food every week that would otherwise go to waste and prepare vegetarian meals to share with everyone. By doing so, FNB not only helps the people we feed but also brings attention to the wrongheaded priorities of a capitalist system that creates great wealth for some and yet does not provide even sustenance for others.

Food Not Bombs also strives to build community by bringing people together to share food and connect with one another as friends.

Food Not Bombs operates on the anarchist belief that we must work to build alternative institutions now, at the grassroots level, to help create the just society we would like to live in.

Food Not Bombs is collectively run, non-hierarchical, and anti-authoritarian. All decisions, within each autonomous chapter, are made by consensus. No one is in charge. No one gives orders. Things simply get done because people see that something needs doing. Everyone who wants to volunteer is welcomed.

For more on Food Not Bombs' history and mission, visit Elgin Food Not Bombs.

courtesy ABC No Rio