FNB Mobilization
- FTAA ministerial meetings -
- November 17-21, 2003 -

In the world of activism Food Not Bombs has always played a large role. In November, the FTAA is slated to have their next summit in Miami, Florida. There are estimates that thousands of protestors that will be flooding the streets that week. This is quite exciting; we have been in contact with several Food Not Bombs chapters that are interested in getting together for the cause. If you know of more please let us know.

Ideally, we want to get all the FNBs together and cook for all the protestors at the summit November 20-21. If we have enough interest we would love to divide up the responsibilities and then all cook together. We will facilitate, obtain contacts, spread awareness, and basically do everything in our power to help out. Other activists in Miami have started getting organized and it's time that Food Not Bombs do the same.

The current roster of Miami FNB has never organized something of this magnitude therefore suggestions, tips and just help in getting organized in general would be greatly appreciated.

We think a general first couple steps are to see who is interested in actually coming down. We also think it would be great to develop a "wish list" of sorts on what we would like to have and do at the summit as one massive Food Not Bombs.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you!

Miami FNB

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