The Noble Eightfold Path

Panna: Wisdom

I.  Right Understanding:  Samma Ditthi
*The understanding of things as they are.
*The understanding of the Four Noble Truths.

II.  Right Thought:  Samma Sankappa
*Denotes the thoughts of selfless renunciation or detachment, thoughts of love, and thoughts of non-violence which are extended to all beings.

Sila: Moral Discipline
III.  Right Speech:  Samma Vaca
*Abstinence from:
    - telling lies
    - backbiting and slander
    - talk that may bring about hatred, enmity, disunity, and disharmony among individuals or  groups  of people from harsh, rude, impolite, malicious, and abusive language
    - from idle, useless, and foolish babble and gossip

IV.  Right Action:  Samma Kammanta
*Helping others lead a peaceful and honorable life in the right way.
*Abstention from:
    - destroying life
    - stealing
    - dishonest dealings
    - illegitimate sexual intercourse

V.  Right Livelihood:  Samma Ajiva
*Abstention from making one's living through a profession that brings harm to others. One should live by a profession which is honorable, blameless, and innocent of harm to others.

Samadhi: Mental Discipline

VI.  Right Effort:  Samma Vayama
*Prevent evil and unwholesome states of mind from arising.
*Get rid of such evil and unwholesome states that have already arisen.
*Produce, cause to arise, good and wholesome states of mind not yet arisen.
*Develop and bring to perfection the good and wholesome states of mind already present.

VII.  Right Mindfulness:  Samma Sati
*To be diligently aware, mindful, and attentive with regards to:
    - the activities of the body
    - sensations or feelings
    - the activities of the mind
    - ideas, thoughts, conceptions and things

VIII.  Right Concentration:  Samma Samadhi
*Deep concentration that leads to a higher stage of consciousness through meditation.