Hundreds of thousands of people will attend this Saturday's Inauguration spectacle. Among those present, many will be protesting the fact that the figurehead-of-honor trumped his opponent via coercive and unjust means. They contend that though elections may offer little in the way of promise or possibility, there are, at the very least, certain democratic principles which must be adhered to and respected. The sfsb, however, makes no such distinctions. The ruling class, of which the figurehead-elect is a shining example, teems with some of the most vile, corrosive and parasitic of characters. The only principles or ideals this existing order ever truly upholds or honors are those assuring uninterrupted international/domestic brutality, exploitation and degradation on behalf of Capital and State. We are in opposition to both it and its fraudulent system.

     On January 20th, while the whole of the corporate media turns its malarial eye to the Inauguration's jingoistic bombast, our attention will be focused on the events unfolding in the streets. To the RAAB we extend our unwavering solidarity. The vision of a classless, stateless and just tomorrow endures.