Le Cinema est mort. Vive le Cinema !

It was the kind of immediate recognition that something really, really excites you. The pictures moved! I think it was as simple as that. There was such a mystery about it. The miracle of light and shadow totally overwhelmed me.
--Hal Hartley

The best form of cinema is one which poses questions for the audience...The biggest impact of cinema on the viewer is that it allows his imagination to take flight. There are two possible results of this. Perhaps it will make his ordinary day-to-day life more bearable. On the other hand, it may result in his day-to-day life seeming so bad that as a result he may decide to change his life. We become more aware of the day-to-day hardships. As Shakespeare says, we are more like our dreams than we are our real lives.
--Abbas Kiarostami

We have to dream and invent, and out of this process produce something that will change the world.
--Bertrand Tavernier

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